Nordic Voices & Nils Petter Molvær - The Bee Madrigals

(Aurora 2017)

6 a capella Bee Madrigals and bonus version of "Still in Silence" featuring Nils Petter Molvaer








Erlend Aagard-Nilsen - Perpetuum Trompetuum (Lawo 2015)

Works for trumpet by Knut Vaage, Eilert Tøsse, Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen, Sigurd Fischer Olsen, Ketil Hvoslef and Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred

Trumpet : Erlend Aagard-Nilsen

Piano : Jarle Rotevatn






Roy Henning Snyen - Preludes for Guitar (Lawo 2015)

Works for classical guitar by Kjell Marcussen, Trygve Madsen and Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred

Guitar : Roy Henning Snyen





Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred : Waves & Interruptions (2L 2014)

Movements (marimba and viola), Recognizing the Undercurrent I (vibraphone), Still Waters... (bass flute and marimba), Lines in Motion, Entwined (vibraphone, guitar, flute), Nyx (viola), Waves & Interruptions (marimba)

Musicians: Eirik Raude, Ida Bryhn, Thomas Kjekstad, Tom Ottar Andreassen

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Rewiews: http://seismograf.org/anmeldelse/imellem-musikkens-spoergsmaal (Danish)



http://www.opushd.net/article?article=2184 (French)


The London Schubert Players - A European Odyssey

Various Composers - Nimbus 2012 3xCD

Contribution : "Echoes of Times Lost"

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European Odyssey CD Series - Enescus Farewell

Various Composers - The London Schubert Players / Quator Enesco 2011

Contribution : "Echoes of Times Lost"


European Odyssey CD Series - Les Enfants du Paradis

Various Composers - The London Schubert Players 2011

Contribution: "Crystals"


Street Legal - Bite the Bullet

Frontiers Records 2009

String-arrangement on "Shadow of My Heart"


Pitsj - Pitsj

Grappa 2006

Arrangement of "Øyeblikket" (Glimpse) 5-voices A Capella


URBAN VISIONS – urban songs

Park Grammofon 2005

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Adrien – The Superwish Album

Park Grammofon 2005

String-arrangements on 5 tracks


Street Legal – Thunderdome

Frontiers Records 2003

Keyboards on 5 tracks

String-arrangement on "Shine On"


Inn fra Kulda (In from the Cold) – Marley på Norsk

Tylden 2001

Contribution bt Bjørn Skjelbred Trio w/Live Maria Roggen


Live Maria Roggen & Lars Andreas Haug – [TU´BA]

Curling Legs 1998

Contribution as composer – "Snirkelsirkler"

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5 – Winners of The Beatles-competition 2000

P3/Dagbladet/EMI 2000

String-arrangement on "Because" w/winner Soldogg


Soldogg – Drosera

Tylden 2000

Keyboards on 2 tracks


Soldogg – Svik

Tylden 2000

Keyboards on "Pakt" (Live)


Soldogg – Pendel

Tylden 1998

Keyboards on 2 tracks


Soldogg – Gummibåt

Tylden 1998 (CD-single)

Keyboards on "Gummibåt"



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